About Tzimoziogas Engineers

Since 2012, Alexandros Tzimoziogas provides Site Management Services in Principal Contractors and Subcontractors in Athens, Greece and since 2016 in London, UK.


Leonidas tzimoziogas-founder of Tzimoziogas engineers construction company

The firm was founded in 1967 by Leonidas Tzimoziogas, Civil engineer, in the city of Larissa, Greece as a technical and commercial company. The company has been involved in residential and industrial construction arrangements, property sales, as well as with topographic surveys, architectural and structural designs for buildings.

In 1998 Alexandros Tzimoziogas and Zisis Tzimoziogas, Civil Engineers, sons of the founder Leonidas Tzimoziogas, joined the firm as partners.

In 2001 Alexandros Tzimoziogas specialized in Technical Evaluations- Real Estate, Department of H.R. development of the National Bank of Greece as an external associate.

Since 2003 Alexandros and Zisis Tzimoziogas became senior partners of the firm and have expanded its activity in geotechnical engineering, mainly in geotechnical survey assessments for foundation analysis and design and in supervising the sampling of soils in the field, after the collaboration with Triton SA – Consulting Engineers based in Athens.


Since 1974 the firm has had an extensive use of software applications for structural designs. Due to the rapid evolution of software, the company has obtained other engineering software programs for architectural plans, retaining walls, topographic surveys, structural designs for buildings from reinforced concrete and steel structures.

The company supports all the electronic devices and equipment for topographic surveys, such as builder theodolite, handheld positioning system (GPS) and levels.In addition, the company undertakes geotechnical investigations with a leased drilling machine.

Permanent Associates

  • Heleni Gerostathi-Civil Structural Engineer based in Larissa
  • Triton SA –Consulting Engineers SA based in Athens www.tritonsa.gr
  • Plethron Construction Company based in Athens www.plethron.gr
  • SP-S Aluminium frames construction company based in Athens www.sp-s.gr
  • Christina Zerva Architects- based in Belgrade-Serbia  www.christinazerva.com
  • Nikos Krikelis –Architect – based in Athens
  • IAS  Architects – based in Athens